The Dons of Rival Cultures

On January 29, 2014 by tuckerj17

87e92e20d690fe1f1a8c838232ab05adEl Abencerraje epitomizes the ideas of chivalry and honor in late Medieval Spain, showing how nobles of both the Moorish and Christian communities come together over a common ground.

The chivalric code, first developed among the horsemen of Charlemagne, was initially established between Christians. However, as seen in El Abencerraje, the idea of an honourable warrior ethos had spread to the Muslim nations of North Africa and Southern Spain.  From the moment the Abencerraje promises Rodrigo de Narvaez that he will return from Coin, he does not dare to go back on his word.  Were he to do so, he would be violating the sacred code of chivalric honor.  Rodrigo de Narvaez does something similar, seeing as he invites the Abencerraje to remain within his castle, trusting that he will keep to his word and remain there for the time being.