The Lament of Don Rodrigo

On February 3, 2014 by tuckerj17

reconquistaBattle weary and covered from head to toe in dust and blood, the defeated Don Rodrigo has lost everything.  Hours before, he was the King of Spain, a mighty and rich leader.  And now here he stands looking over the battlefield where he and his men had fought and died, listening to the victory songs of the Arabs from down in the valley.

It would seem that the Don Rodrigo has fallen far from grace, and his high pedestal of being a Don has been lost.  This is not the case.  The author shows that the Don had fought valiantly (“[His sword] was hacked into a saw of dark and purple tint”) and is the only Spaniard left on the battlefield as all of his captains had fled.  Even in defeat to his Moorish foes, Don Rodrigo still upholds his honor, and remains worthy of being Don.