The Wives of Dons

On February 10, 2014 by tuckerj17

medieval-marriage-medievalists-dot-netIn The Perfect Wife, Luis de Leon examines the aspects of how the wife of a Don should behave.  This provides a very good look into the personal lives of the Dons, as it shows how their wives are meant to be supportive and submissive figures in the way that they go about their life.  On page 23, Leon says:

“The meaning of which is that a wife must be at some pains not to force her husband into bonded idebtedness, and involve him in vexations and troubles; and not merely this, but to deliver him from all such trials, and be to him a source of perpetual cheer and rest.”

Leon’s reasoning for this, which is stated soon after, is that the man must not labor so long over his job or his work only to return home to an ungrateful and rude wife.  This applies to Dons as well, especially with ones such as The Cid, who (in the mind of Leon) should be able to return from their campaigning or fighting to a wife that supports them and provides them cheer.