A Don’s Armory

Don Quijote is clearly no legendary warrior like The Cid or the...

24th Mar

Courtship and Nobility

In the ballad¬†Ximena’s Wishes, the author paints a situation of how a...

17th Mar

Renaissance Art and Dons

Art of the renaissance era began with artists attempting to revive classicism,...

17th Mar

The Mad Don

Don Quijote is not your average nobleman in every sense of the...

17th Mar

“Don” Quixote; How Literature Defined the Traits of a True Don

Don Quixote is, by definition and title, a Don.   But where...

17th Mar

Dons of the Church; A Brief Overview of the Spanish Inquisition

So far most of the Dons considered in this blog have been...

16th Mar