Courtship and Nobility

On March 17, 2014 by tuckerj17

ximena-21In the ballad Ximena’s Wishes, the author paints a situation of how a not very typical royal courtship process would go down.  The fact that Dona Ximena is proposing that she be married by the very man who killed her father in battle displays a society very different than that of today.  Since Dona Ximena is speaking to the Cid, it can be assumed that the time frame in which this all is taking place is around 1000-1100 in Medieval Spain.

One of the most striking features of this story is the fact that Dona Ximena has asked for a hand in marriage to the man that killed her father.  The first thing this shows is how important prowess and skill in battle is to the people of this time period.  The other is that, due to constant war, famine, and widespread violence, that the people of the time were much more desensitized to death than the people of today.  This could also be attributed to the almost fanatical Christianity of Spain in that era, where when someone good dies they get to leave this terrible world and proceed to paradise.