“Don” Quixote; How Literature Defined the Traits of a True Don

On March 17, 2014 by Harper

don-quijote-rezvan-kaniDon Quixote is, by definition and title, a Don.   But where did his own vision of Don-hood originate?

As it turns out, Don Quixote’s vision of the Don stems from a similar place as Jack and I’s own vision; Literature.

Just like members of this class, Don Quixote spent his days cooped up in a library delving into countless volumes that told of the days of old when gallant young men ventured off into the world on chivalric missions. ¬†These men became known as “knight errants”, and Don Quixote yearned to be just like the heroes he read about.

These men shared several characteristics which help define what a Don truly is; The Knight Errant would “sallie” forth in search of adventures while always following the code of honor; he would proclaim his undying love for a fair maiden through poetic exaltation; and of course a loyal squire companion would be with the knight errant on every step of the journey.

Though we’ve just begun the historically significant and monumental tale of Don Quixote, it seems evident that he shares the same definition of a Don as members of this class have come to understand from the study of literature and history.