The Mad Don

On March 17, 2014 by tuckerj17

cervantes-don-quijote-de-la-manchaDon Quijote is not your average nobleman in every sense of the word.  I believe Miguel de Cervantes is intending to portray Don Quijote in such a way that his actions, mannerisms, adventures, and reflect Cervantes’ criticisms of the way medieval values and concepts were reemerging in the his Spanish society.

Not only does Don Quijote’s intense and unnecessary chivalrism serve as comedic relief for the intense undertones of the story, but the actions and personalities of the characters and their reactions to how he lives his life could also serve to represent the faults and opinions of society.  For example the guards and prisoners traveling to the galleys could represent the government and the inquisition while the prisoners are the downtrodden public whose rights are being trampled by the privileged.