The Perks of Being a Don

On April 4, 2014 by Harper

Don JuanThe “Trickster of Seville” recounts the tale of the handsome Don Juan and his indiscretions in the Kingdom of Spain.  The main character Don Juan was blessed with noble birth and title, and certainly takes advantage of his lofty standing in society, especially when it comes to women.  Don Juan uses his looks, charm and title to seduce women, oftentimes without consequence.  Though he seduces many women, the most egregious and least honorable/ don-like instance occurs with the commoner Aminta.  The noblemen, fleeing persecution for his seduction of both Lady Isabel and Ana, happens across a marriage reception in the countryside near Dos Hermanas.  Don Juan proceeds to sit himself in the bridegrooms place setting, at the same time seducing the young and beautiful bride Aminta away from her betrothed husband, Batricio.  Using trickery and deceit, Don Juan convinces the bridegroom that he and Aminta had an affair in the past, to which Batricio laments and forgets his love for the graceful Aminta.

Don Juan’s  good looks and charm are certainly contribute to his being able to escape persecution for his dishonorable crimes.  However, his noble standing is what saves him from punishment from the King; instead of receiving a sentence he is granted a new marriage with lady Isabel!  The ability of nobles being able to circumvent the law is certainly one of the many perks of being a Don.